Who we are


Cerebro Urbano is an independent, nonprofit organisation led by consultants with expertise in the fields of education, urban development, health, social policy, international relations and financial services.

Our Mission

To provide specialized consultancy and advisory services to national and international organizations alike who are interested in projects that contribute to Mexico’s development in these fields.

Our Vision

We understand the urban environment as the key site of social change. We analyse contemporary social problems and challenges in order to devise and implement tailored solutions to address the specific needs of each community.

What do we do?

We bring together experts to collaborate in designing, coordinating and implementing projects aimed at developing our cities and social environments.

We provide a platform for organizations and specialists to partner in devising and proposing solutions that respond to the concerns of citizens.

We employ educational and research tools to train skilled professionals in all the different fields of our work.



Generating ideas, communicating values and offering alternatives on issues of concern to citizens.


Evaluating proposals and initiatives.


Mapping innovation.