With funding granted by the *Mexico Prosperity Fund, Cerebro Urbano will establish Knowledge Exchange Hubs between Mexico and the UK through King’s College London-UNAM-Laboratory for the City in order to improve social behaviour and quality in education in line with Smart Cities (safety and sustainability) best practices within Mexico.

By leading the strategic stimulus of Knowledge Exchange Hubs (KEH), this initiative will reap both social and economic benefits. UK-based expertise will provide support to SMEs in Mexico on behavioural insights and Smart Cities best practices, in order to improve education curricula and public policies, especially in relation to the needs of developed human capital in the cities of the future. With policy engagement, working partnerships and social impact at its core, this programme has the potential to realign and transform educational practices to focus on these key areas.

Because KEHs operate through co-production and co-design, the envisaged outcomes in civic innovation will be above and beyond the standard outcomes of localised and replicable prototypes. These cross-cultural contributions will improve the business climate, creative industries and the efficiency and security of urban areas within Mexico.

*Since 2011, the Prosperity Fund created by the British Government has supported the FCO’s Prosperity Priority on opening markets, ensuring access to resources, and promoting sustainable global growth, mainly in the emerging powers.

The Mexico Prosperity Fund aims to create the conditions for global growth. Its core aims are to support sustainable economic growth leading to a reduction in poverty in recipient countries. Over time, it is expected that these reforms will also create opportunities in Mexico for international and UK businesses alike.